Friday, September 17, 2010

fiercest shamrock in the west

This shamrock came to me from my Grandmother's garden in Arizona, by way of my mom who lives in Massachusetts. I was living in Oregon at the time, and it somehow got all the way to me as a ziplock bag filled with sad little bulbs that we sincerely hoped were dormant, not dead!

That was at least three years ago -- I really think it was closer to four or five! This shamrock has been on TWO road trips across the country

Friday, September 10, 2010


Nothing like swimming during cool weather.... The pool was nearly empty and we got to spend 45 minutes paddling wherever we wanted, doing whatever we wanted. We OWNED the stairs (Jack's current favorite, in keeping with his fondness for activities he can do "by y'self") and got to play with any of the toys we wanted!

Still waiting on the camera's new memory card. If it were here, I could post a picture of the mountain of food Jack is eating now that we're back at home!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

knitting season

The knitting store on 3rd Street had a sale recently so I grabbed a bundle of nice, soft yarns. I usually get non-wool yarns but I'm trying some merino wool. Chris says it's different enough from normal wool (which makes me itchy) that it will probably be fine.

First project is a hat for Jack; then a hat and bootie socks for the baby, and a new hat for Alex.

I'm really liking the hat for Jack so far. I'm doing a loop stitch, which is very simple but knits up nicely. I got the stitch directions from some magical books of Chris's that have photos of each pattern so you can really tell what they look like. I'd love to post pictures and will as soon as our camera's new memory stick arrives!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday breakfast

I just scrubbed the kitchen quite thoroughly, so we decided to enjoy our breakfast at the counter this morning. :) This is one of Jack's favorite ways to get his breakfast while I'm still cooking, so he can see all the action!

I was GOING to post pictures, but our camera's memory card just died. :( A new one is in the mail. Stay tuned!