Wednesday, August 27, 2008

almost ready

Some time in the last 24 or 48 hours, I looked around and realized that we are really almost ready for Critter to arrive. I have a couple of loads of laundry to do (including a whole mess of new baby stuff from the mini baby shower that Starbucks threw for me today!) and some general house litter that needs to get put away, but the apartment is really almost baby-prepped! I think I'll be done getting ready, and then I'll put up a photo-tour of how everything is arranged. THEN the trick will be not to mess it up again while waiting for the birth! :)

we have a library!

I figured that since I am very friendly to the idea of taking baby walks (especially since some tiny folks don't seem to be able to take their naps without going for walks sometimes!) I'd better see if there is a library near us for a walk destination. There IS!

It is pretty darn cool for a small-town library, and includes two rooms off to the side where Alex and/or I can sit unobtrusively with a baby. If they don't have books that we want, they are part of a borrowing-books system, so they can get them from another library.

We went and got library cards today, and to start with, Alex got a book by Dan Simmons (one of his favorite authors) and I got a big fat book AND an awesome CD and book kit for learning Italian. I am planning on listening to the CDs while I take many walks on my maternity leave, and reading this giant book when I'm too tired/lazy to take walks. :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

more critter prep!

1) I found out there is a library within walking distance of our apartment--this is going to be a prime spot to go on walks to visit! I am going to see it in person tomorrow.
2) Chris has sent us four cloth diaper covers that she made for us (yay!), and we've ordered some inserts and some nice gadgets called "snappies" to hold the diapers together in a less stabby way than safety pins.... I think all the parts will arrive in a week or less.
3) We are continuing to arrange/reorganize, so the stroller, for instance, now has an actual spot in the corner rather than just being in the middle of the room. I think that by the beginning of September, we should have everything just about set up to where I'll feel like I can stop fussing with it. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

3 1/2 weeks to go?

Or 1/2 week.... or 5 weeks... or 2... Argh! If only someone could invent a way to know when a baby would be ready, they would be very rich.

We have all our baby shower things settled in now. Critter is very well-stocked, with clothes, bassinet, diapers, stroller, car seat, toys, all sorts of bath goodies.... and we have a small mountain of very snuggly, soft blankets! Add to that the fact that we have a few gift certificates for remaining items (like baby wipes) and I think we're all set.... Alison and I are going out on an expedition tomorrow to make use of the gift cards. :)

I have 1 1/2 weeks left at Starbucks before my maternity leave kicks in, and I am down to 4 1/2 hour shifts (which I think is the absolute minimum length that we schedule!). You'd think that the shorter time span would make it easier (or at least the same as the longer shifts during earlier pregnancy), but I am still ready for a nap after each one! At this point I am pretty excited to start maternity leave.

We are doing a little bit each day to get the apartment ready for B-Day and I think we just might have it ready if Critter doesn't decide to come too early. This Saturday is when the baby becomes "full-term" so in my book, all bets are off after that. I am planning on just sticking close to home and trying not to wear myself out! This nesting thing is not for sissies--I am fairly constantly torn between the desire to prepare something and the desire to lay down for half an hour.... :P So far, preparation is mostly winning, though I have to admit I took two naps today! I consider them perfectly deserved (my belly is HEAVY!), so I'm not having any conscience issues. ;)

Alex is still taking me for almost-daily beach walks (barring thunderstorms or exhaustion), and that has been really nice because we can get a LOT of space to look at, fresh air, nice cool water on our feet... all without me having to overdo it by walking for miles or something silly like that!

I think that covers everything for now.... The bassinet is the last major baby item that we don't actually have in the house, and that's because it's being shipped right now. Once we do have it I will go around and make a photo-tour of Critter's new digs and goodies. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Arrival Guess?

The race is on! Go choose the day you think the critter will make an appearance.

You add your day either comment on this blog and let me know (and I will put it up for you), or login with the username test and password test and put it up yourself.

Oh, you can't delete a guess once it is up, so if you change your mind, you'll have to let me know.

Alright, that's all you need to know, so here is the link to the calendar.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

another thing on daddy class

Alex mentioned this to me in person and then forgot to write it down: :P

Apparently something that the dads covered is that new mommies can be VERY territorial about not wanting to share the care of the baby. This was a REALLY common experience among the attending daddies. For instance, it's apparently pretty common for the mom to not feel like she can leave the baby unsupervised with the dad.... some kind of idea about him being "just a man" so he'll break the baby?

I thought it was really interesting that this would be an issue. I guess I was surprised because I wouldn't have thought of having kids if I didn't think Alex was going to have a big share in taking care of them!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Daddy Basic Training

One of the classes offered, and subsequently taken, was the Daddy Basic Training. I've been told I should post something about this.

The class consisted of about 10 expecting fathers, 2 "teachers" of the class that have kids, a previous attendee with his 4-month-old and 1 guy whose wife decided to go early and he was about a week into fatherhood.

Basically, we were given a packet of various bits of information (that we covered in the class), poison control pamphlets/magnet and we all discussed what to expect. As it turns out, I had a great deal to offer to the discussion from the learned side of things from all the prep M and I have been doing. All the dads got a kick out of my "man vacation" I got to go on last week. While I didn't learn much in the way of new things, I did hear a couple of things I hadn't thought of. It was good to hear what these guys had gone through and I offered to be a "veteran dad" in a few months if they needed.

4 1/2 weeks to go.... status report! :)

We got a special information packet from our Doc appointment today that basically was prep for the final weeks --phone numbers to call at any time, things we should or shouldn't feel like we need to call in about, reminders of actual labor signs.... good stuff!

I also got my last blood drawn today, which is definitely cause for celebration! This one was for a final check of my iron levels, which should be fine, since I was barely under the borderline of okay at the last draw (39.9 when they like to see at least 40.0, I think), and have been taking iron supplements since.

Alex and I are working on getting things all squared away for the baby's arrival. At some point we realized that although the due date is in four weeks, it's not uncommon to have the baby arrive up to 3 weeks early, so we want to be ready just in case!

We found out that we do have a storage space up in the attic of our apartment building, so we've been making a lot more room for baby stuff down here in the living space, and carting the extras up to hide for a while. (For instance, we probably aren't going to need 7 suitcases any time soon!)

I am starting to make some pre-made meals that we can freeze up and have ready for when the baby comes home. I figure that if the baby is late, we can just eat them and make more so the food doesn't get old and funky, but I do want to have some meals ready from now on just in case.

I am possibly going to start taking Zantac (over the counter heartburn medicine) before bed for the final stretch here, since I am now regularly waking up with WICKED acid reflux about every 45 minutes. Dr. Browne is a bit concerned that I am now burning away my esophageal lining, and I'm inclined to agree. It's been at least three months of this nonsense escalating more and more, and Tums is just not getting the job done anymore. I'm getting acid reflux more and more frequently and strongly, even during the day when I am fully upright and haven't eaten anything in hours.... Aside from the fact that it HURTS, how am I supposed to finish growing a baby when I can't sleep because my throat is always burning up?

The baby shower had to stop being a secret, since there were just too many variables to be scheduled in, so I know it's coming this weekend. (Yay!) By the end of this weekend, we will have all the baby goodies ready to be settled in to the house (and will know what remaining items we need to get).

Chris and I have FINALLY settled on colors and styles for the cloth diapers she is setting me up with, so that's good! I think they are going to work out well. Also, we realized that it is perfectly do-able to wash the diaper inserts in the dishwasher, which is much more cost-effective for those of us who don't own our own washer and dryer. (Don't worry, you can totally keep it sanitary between dishes and diapers --or maybe just handwash dishes. Haven't quite decided on that one yet!)

I feel like we're way too ahead of the game on this. What (massive element, probably) are we forgetting???

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Alex is coming home

Yaaay! I am glad to be getting my husband back. :)

(And as a bonus, now the girl from work who has been worrying about me all week can stop sleeping with her cell phone by her ear!)