Monday, May 5, 2008

sneaking up on the baby :)

In a show of parental solidarity, we totally tricked the baby. :)

The baby has been pretty vigorous about kicking (so you can definitely feel it from the outside) but has also been really good at not letting anyone but me feel the kicks and wiggles. Apparently, if I say anything like "Hey, feel this" or "Come over here, Husband," that's the cue to stop everything and pretend you're not there.

WELL. Alex was bringing me some juice and he came into the room right as the baby was really getting some exercises done. I made a "shhh" sign and pointed at my belly, so he snuck over quietly and put his hand where I pointed, and.... *WHAM!* .... *wiggle-roll*



Diana said...

Just so you know...This is a TOTALLY VITAL parental skill! Tricking the child by coniving together. Just ask your sisters.

Good for you for getting started early.


Matthew and Amy said...

The first of MANY "trick the kid" moments. I have learned as a parent that almost EVERYTHING I swore I would not do as a parent when I was younger are the very things you cannot live without as a parent!

Alison said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA....never too early to start tricking the baby!

kelsey said...

Ha! This totally just made my day!!!