Monday, December 15, 2008

We survived the ice storm!

We lost power on Thursday night, in what may end up being the winter's most spectacular storm. Out of 500,000 paying electicity customers in NH, 400,000 lost power! Some folks (like a woman Alex works with at Visiting Geeks) won't be getting their power back until Christmas!

On Friday it was 60 degrees in the apartment by 11:00 AM, and dropping, with no sign of returning power. I had thawed out a nice big half-turkey to roast on Friday and make a feast with, but we had no oven AND no refrigerator to keep it fresh! We packed up and headed for Massachusetts, to our brother-in-law Bobby's house, taking the turkey feast to pay for our room and board. :)

We had a lovely feast with Bobby, Alison, and all five Webber children, and came back home on Saturday to find that there was still no power, and our apartment was so cold, the thermostat couldn't even register the temperature! We grabbed all the food that was still good, wished the cats luck, and headed back down to Bobby's until Monday, which was when the rumor mill said we'd be getting power back.

Fast-forward through a weekend of fun and mayhem with Jack, Caiden and Rebecca, and here we are home again at last! We have to go grocery shopping to re-stock our fridge, but otherwise, we came through the whole episode just fine. :)

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2littlebeans said...

Wow. You're so lucky to have family close by to go to! Sounds like quite an adventure!