Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We took Jack trick-or-treating this year. It was fun! Okay, so he's barely 1 year old but he had a great time. He loved the costumes.

Admiring a ring for my princess costume. (Yes, I was wearing jeans. I was a baby-chasing princess. Let's get serious!)
We went to 3rd Street in town because you can go from store to store getting treats and it happens early enough in the day that Jack could participate. Here he is in costume, approaching the trick-or-treat zone. So cute!!

It was rather busy! Luckily that meant there were many costumes to admire.

"Trick or treat!" We told Jack he could also say "Raaar!" because that's easier. This woman was totally charmed!

"Hey, she put something in my pumpkin!"

"Come here, thing. What are you??"

It's candy! Good for putting into the pumpkin and taking back out.

He got the hang of it quickly. I love how he held the pumpkin on his own!

After trick or treating we went to the park to visit with the other dragon!

Here's the official stash:

And the victory lap! (He very much likes to circle around things these days.)

Chewing on the wrong end of a lollypop. (Don't tell him! He likes them that way!)

Dad checking whether the pine cone is still as exciting as before. (Yep!)

Where should we put this awesome temporary tattoo?

It's good to see he's getting started right on the important Halloween tradition of rummaging through all the sweets afterward and confirming the awesomeness of your goodies!
In conclusion: I'm still not sure he gets that he got a pumpkin full of candy. And that's just fine with me! Right now he's treating the candy as "items to be removed from and added to the pumpkin," so we can wait at least until next year before being a candy fiend is necessary. Phew!


Sebastian said...

Rarr!! (I only started saying it online about 10 years ago... and then started saying it in real life about 5 years ago...)

Love all the commercial pamphlets people have dropped into his pumpkin :P

Go Jack! (Purple makes him look a bit _too_ Barney, in my opinion.)

Melissa said...

No, no, Barney is a dinosaur....

Oh well. The general trick-or-treat consensus was "oooh, a monster! How SCARY!"

Sebastian said...

Oh right, and a dragon is obviously not based on dinosaurs at all...

Anonymous said...

That is ADORABLE!!!!!!!
So cute!!!
I love how he's chewing on the wrong end of the lollipop and enjoying it. :D <3 Uncle Fave!

Melissa said...

@Seb: Dragons are based on DRAGONS, duh. :D

Amy said...

So super cute! I miss my favorite nephew on the west coast!

Markita said...

Loved all the Hallowe'en pics. Enjoy the "things to be put into pumpkin - things to be taken out of pumpkin" stage, doesn't last long, right sons?
Love, Markita

Alison said...

That wonderful stage lasted for Becca until one of the Crunch bar wrappers ripped and she popped it in her mouth out of curiosity...instant fiend!!!

Melissa said...

Yeah, he has already figured it out.... too bad! With a Crunch bar, too!