Sunday, December 5, 2010

23/365: breakfast out & an ego boost

I took Jack to breakfast at Wildwood Cafe, this cute little breakfast place on Third Street. (This was for Alex's request in honor of his Christmas bonus: "More sleep!")

We spent an hour there and toward the end of our meal a very sweet-looking elderly woman stopped by our table for a moment. She didn't want to interrupt, she explained, but she just wanted to let me know that she had noticed us and wished that every child could be raised with such care, attention, and patience as I was giving to Jack. Then she let Jack know that he was an absolute pleasure to share a restaurant with (to which he stared mutely and shyly at her) and was on her way!

Needless to say, we were very flattered and proud of ourselves! :)

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Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the wonderful comments when someone is just plain nice. Good for you and good for Jack!
Love, Granny