Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Jack and I have been working on a big project: tracing all the letters of the alphabet! Here's the culmination of our efforts:


Alison said...

YAY Jack! I am SO IMPRESSED that he can name them all!!!!

Anonymous said...

wonderful video - Loved the song, the wonderful ability to remember the letters. And the repair job on "U" ;-). Where are you posting the letters? In Jack's room? the playroom? I notice the little hands of a baby sister, right?
--forgot my google password yet again.

Melissa said...

They're in the corner of the playroom. He's been taping them up (mostly) all by himself. :D

And I was wondering whether anybody would notice the baby hands. :)

Amy said...

Auntie Amy is SOOOO impressed! And I love the hair cut,too!

Kelsey LeCrone said...

What a brilliant boy!!! This is awesome!! (and I love the baby hands too :D)