Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Alison and I decided that we need to go to cut down our own Christmas trees this year.  It's something neither of us has ever done, though the idea is treated as no big deal around here!  We went this afternoon and though it was freezing cold and windy, it was really great fun.  We brought our own saw and went hunting!

"Mom.  This one.  This tree.  It's perfect!  PERFECT."  (Also what, 10 feet tall?)

That one was a Douglas Fir -- very pretty, but the needles and small branches all drooped fluffily to the floor.  This made us think these trees wouldn't be great at holding ornaments.  (Especially when kids are helping to hang them!)
Jack fell asleep in the car but Alex basically dragged him out by his ear, at my insistence. 

He did NOT approve.

The Webbers thought they found the perfect tree!  But was it tall enough?  And just the right shape?  You can't be sure until you look at at least a hundred more.  ;)

Meanwhile, Alex found a tree for us that was quite nice.  After I browsed around a bit myself, I conceded that he really did find a great tree.  ....Timber!

As usual, Jack thinks his daddy is awesome.

He can carry a Whole Tree!  I think Jack was torn between the desire to help move the tree and the desire not to get smushed flat underneath it because Daddy was moving too quickly!

Meanwhile, the Webbers shopped on....  :)

Okay, no, SERIOUSLY.  This one is PERFECT.

Alison sawed down her own tree! (With a hefty dose of heckling from Alex....)

She even helped to carry the tree back to the car.  It was REALLY heavy.
Jack decided that maybe this whole tree farm thing wasn't such a horrible idea.

We even got a smile out of him after all.  :)

Our tree.  :)
And where was Evie this whole time?

Where do you think?  :D


Anonymous said...

where's Eric? sleeping????

Melissa said...

He was at home giving me my Christmas present: A cleaned house! :)

Melissa said...

....Don't worry, he helped to decorate it. :)