Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Spring :)

Today is the first day of spring! Not that you could tell it--the wind chill factor is "glacial" in my estimation.

This post is really a message to everyone who thinks they know what I need to hear about impending motherhood.

Please, please, PLEASE --when you see a child doing something annoying or naughty, stop telling me "hahaha that's what you're in for in a few years, hahaha".

1) That's not funny. That's mean-spirited.
2) It's not necessarily true--and if it IS, why do you think I want to hear about it?

1 comment:

Christibale said...

You could always have a baby like mine, and then it would not be an issue!

You will be fine.

People do have annoying things they like to do, and it is sad for the future mothers of this country.

I apologize on their behalf.