Sunday, March 30, 2008

Melissa, rogue editor

I was eating salt and vinegar chips and reading the little "how we make the chips" story on the back of the bag when I discovered a run-on sentence: "...the two flavors are complementary, neither flavor overpowers the other."

Really, it is just disappointing when I see that things like this have gotten past "professional" editors.

I think I should start writing to the companies when I see things like this (because it happens fairly frequently) and should keep a record of my results and whether they fix their mistakes. Then, when people want to know my proofreading qualifications, I can tell them, "Well, I'm certainly better than the guy who edits Cape Cod chips--look what he missed...."


kelsey said...

Hilarious!!! You have to let me know if they write you back!

Christibale said...

And THEN you will be famous in the editing world charging thousands of dollars per day and you can retire on a farm with horses, chicken and ME.

kelsey said...

Haha! I actually bought a bag of these chips yesterday after looking at it for your caught mistake.