Sunday, September 14, 2008

audiobooks: my new best friend!

I am going a bit stir-crazy after this much maternity leave and was making Alex take me on more and more walks... but then we went back to the library and I saw a poster advertising that they have audiobooks! I am now equipped to wander the beach or neighborhood without having to drag Alex along to amuse me. :)

Bonus points for neighborhood walking: at the beach I have to pay attention to getting back to the starting point, since I drive there on my own, but in the neighborhood, if I run out of steam I can just call Alex and he can drive to wherever I am and rescue me!


Matthew and Amy said...

I am glad you are finding something to do! I am thinking of you constantly, and I am trying to restrain myself from calling you all the time and bugging you, since I know this probably won't help. I can't wait to meet my new nephew/niece!

Diana said...

Now you can go on baby walks! Enjoy the good fall weather with your new companion - who is the cutest little boy ever!