Saturday, September 27, 2008

some alternate activities for "nursing" time

  1. Before latching on, growl heartily at the nipple, presumably to make sure it's subdued.
  2. Make dolphin noises at it.
  3. Make pirate faces (one eye scrunched shut, grimacing to the side in "yarr" style) at the nipple, occasionally growling some more -- it wasn't subdued yet?
  4. Eye Mommy suspiciously -- Are you sure this isn't poison or something? I'm pretty sure it might be.
  5. Position for a perfect latch and then don't suck; laugh heartily as Mommy tries to get you to drink.
  6. Battle to the death, Hands vs. Mouth: who will get to eat? Who will get TOTALLY in the way and cause starvation and misery? I'll give you two guesses....
We're having a pretty good time. :)

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