Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jack's first word

I know this is literally unbelievable for most readers, but Jack said his first word on December 31st! He and his cousin Caiden were laying next to each other on a bed. Caiden started making "help, help, I lost my binkie" noises, and Jack rolled over to face him and see what was going on.

He spotted Caiden and said "haaaaa". I asked him, "Jack, are you trying to say hi?". To which he said (still to Caiden), "haaaa-eeee. Hiiiiii. Hiiiiiiii." and did a happy wiggle.

Of course, right after this, Caiden's mom and dad came in the room. I told them the story and they scoffed, UNTIL Jack proved it by saying hi to his Auntie Alison too! Then later, when we were with the rest of the family and I was regaling them all with the story, he said hi to Auntie Amy!! So we have two witnesses (sadly, Alex missed it) that this boy is getting the talking thing down. :)


Christibale said...

Daphne mastered saying "hi" at about four or five months. I even got it on video for skeptics. She eventually forgot all about it and didn't say another word until this past August!

I believe you!

Alison said...

I heard it. He said it very clear and straight to me with a HUGE grin!

Gia said...

so crazy! that is awesome!