Sunday, January 11, 2009

visit from Granny and Grandpa (Alex's parents)

Alex hid these pictures from me by accident, so I'm just getting them posted now. In no particular order:

Playing with Granny and Dad:

Helping Dad work:
Getting an AWESOME diaper change:
Making lunch:
Dinner at the Greek restaurant with Granny, Grandpa, Nonnie AND Grampy!!! (And wouldn't you know Jack was the only one who looked good in the photos!)
His usual face when he finds out you want to take pictures of him:

Planning a road trip to see Uncle Eric and Grandpa Jack:
Taking a break:
Trying to coax a smile out of the boy:
And we got this instead!
This is his "Daddy, are you going to save me?" face. :)

Grandpa is a great snuggle.
(For babies AND cats)


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great!
Let me know when you guys are planning the road trip because I can't wait to see all of you and meet Jack!
I hope you guys are enjoying the new year well and got your xmas present.
~Uncle Eric

Amy said...

Those pictures are great! I am feeling very Jack-deprived. I will need another infusion soon!

-Auntie Amy