Thursday, July 9, 2009

beach trip!

It is such a nice day today, after a two-month block of rain, that Jack and I decided to walk to the beach!

It's kind of a long walk, about 2 1/4 miles:

It took us 45 minutes to get there! During the walk we admired the trees and fire hydrants, threw an apple into a pile of sand (Jack's idea, not mine!) and met a little dog named Eddie, who was all too happy to give Jack slobbery kisses! Alas, I didn't get pictures of any of this. :P

I remembered to get the camera out eventually, though!

Here he is on the sand at last! And picking out a rock to eat:

Here he is after having thrown the rock for not tasting good after all. He decided to go check out the wet sand instead:

Watching an upcoming wave: (I was actually impressed that he felt comfortable enough to sit on the wet sand, since on previous visits the waves have been very scary!)

After this picture I figured he was brave enough to put his toes in the water. Well we actually got in up to his knees! No pictures, since I was too busy keeping him upright. :) We played in about 20 waves before he decided it was time to go back up to the sand and watch some kids playing ball.

Then we met Daddy, who came to drive us home!

Eating a cracker and looking at the waves:

Talking to a nice old man:

Testing out Daddy's hat: (He was willing to leave it on his head once he figured out it was keeping the sun from his eyes!)

...for a while, anyway.

"See, Daddy? THIS is what you do with a hat!"


Sebastian said...

... he's going to be GINGER!

Melissa said...

Ginger, like red-headed? Actually he's quite blond! I should post a picture of his uncle Eric to show what he's likely to look like when he grows up. Very Scandinavian for the son of two people with dark brown hair and a daddy with brown eyes!

Sebastian said...

There is definitely a BIT of a red'ish tinge in those photos... but I admit, it did look more blonde in previous photos.

Maybe it was just the light...!

(Yeah, ginger is the derogatory term we use over here. Women get to use 'auburn' and 'flame-haired mistress' instead.)

Melissa said...

Yeah, you hear "ginger" in the states too.... I was just wondering if it meant something else with you! I think you're right that the sun was the culprit in these photos. And personally I prefer "flame-kissed locks" if we're going to compare silly hair titles. :)

I thought auburn meant more brownish than red.... must be one of those danged culture things again!