Thursday, July 9, 2009

ten months old

Jack is finally at the longer-out-than-in milestone. This is pretty important!

He weighs 20 pounds and is 2 1/2 feet tall. Wow! Right now he's occupying himself by "cooking" on the kitchen floor -- using a frying pan, a small pot with lid, a whisk and a potato masher. He's very diligent! One of these days I'm sure a custard or something will appear. :)

He now spends his days cooking, organizing (an activity in which many things find their way to the floor), investigating the many doors and making sure they open and close correctly, throwing and chasing his balls (the racquetball is his favorite) and taking at least one long walk per day. We frequently go to the library so he can charm the librarians!

He also likes to do chores, to feed snacks to me and Alex, and to brush my teeth at bedtime. He makes sure we're taken care of properly! He is also capable of giving me a really stern lecture, complete with arched back, furrowed brow, and gutteral, disapproving syllables, if I'm doing something wrong like making him wait until his daddy is awake before it's romp-on-Daddy time.

He can say da-da, kitty, doggy, and mommmm (with a growly bit at the end). And yesterday he revealed that he can say "go go go go go go go!" because I was taking too long getting ready for our shopping trip!

The point being, of course, that if all this has happened in ten months, we have a hell of a ride coming up! :D


Amy said...

Wow! Go Jack go! That's my nephew!

Sebastian said...

My first word was 'more'.

And I've been an impatient hedonist ever since...

He sounds like a bright little bugger! Just like me!

And, in my mum's own words, 'you were hell to look after, Sebastian.'

Good luck.

Melissa said...

"Bright little bugger" definitely fits. :) So far he's been pretty easy to look after, though! We follow the cardinal rule of grumpy babies: Feed him and put him to bed!