Friday, October 30, 2009


Jack has been helping a lot with chores recently. He will scrub the floor, sweep, wash walls, and so on. His favorite job is to Put Things Where They Go.

You may not have known:
Shoes go in the dryer.
Diaper inserts go in the bathroom.
ALL laundry goes in the hamper.
Dish towels go in the bag of clothes for Goodwill.
Pencils go in the knitting basket.

You'll notice there is actually a pretty good form of logic working here! :)


Diana said...

The scary thing is that I think I follow the logic. Except for the shoes in the dryer. Perhaps because they make such a lovely noise?

Melissa said...

Well it's certainly better than cooking implements in the dryer! We do have little balls that live in there to fluff the clothes, and I think in his mind, balls and shoes are both toys. :)

Markita said...

I, too, follow the logic - thanks for the explanation of the dryer.

Amy said...

That's great! I love it when kids help out - and their parents let them! I didn't really get the shoes, but the rest are very logical! Good job, Jack!