Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tomato Picking Part 1

I have been drafted into service by the exhausted woman working on turning 40lbs of tomatoes into sauce. So, here is the account of our picking experiences today:

Finding tomatoes!

Isn't she cute?

Jack fell asleep on the ride to the farm, so he spent most of the time "picking" from his chair.

"This look ok?"

"Found one!"
(Photographer's note: I love how our stupid camera
thought I wanted the tractor in focus and not M.)


Sebastian said...

Part of me got to thinking...

What do you think would've happened if Jack awoke to find himself alone in a field, as far as the eye can see, of tomatoes?

Do you think he would just start picking them? Or would he try to find his way home?

Makes you wonder...

Alex said...

Melissa says that Jack likes waking up outside. It is refreshing for him. I've only seen it once, but he was pretty mellow about being in the middle of a tomato field after falling asleep in the car.

Melissa said...

He usually just looks around quietly and makes happy wondering noises until I notice him. He feels like waking up outside is almost too magical to be real, I think. :)

Anonymous said...

How absolutely neat that he is that comfortable in his chair and sure of your being there for him.
love, Markita