Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Oh Gosh"

Jack has been working hard on his vocabulary recently. He loves to point at something and have me tell him what it's called.... twenty times in a row if he needs that many to really understand!

He also likes to try copying what I say. This has led to some really cute facts coming to light, like figuring out that he can't say "l" sounds, so he absolutely refuses to try saying "please". He knows he won't get it right! However, he will say "up," "mommy," or "help," so he at least has some alternates.

Right around Christmas time we were practicing the "s" sound. He figured out how to say "shhhh" for "s". Ridiculously cute, I hardly need say. :) Well, then he got a bus in the mail from his cousin. I told him what it was, and he spent 45 minutes straight playing with it! The whole time he was saying "busssshh," "busssssssh," and I could hear the "h" slowly disappearing. By the end of the night he could say "bus" just right!

Later that week we heard "Oh, gosh!" for the first time! And the other night it was "book," with the "k" suddenly making an appearance. I feel like I want to follow him around with the camera and record everything he says, but of course the moment I take it out, he is all quiet interest and stops talking!

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Sebastian said...

We have some family friends whose child is now... hm, not sure. 18 months? 2 years?

Anyway, he's stupidly bright. It's the kind of family with no TV and a LOT of hands-on time. Tree-hugging types.

I sat him down the other day and said 'I'm Sebastian.'

I started to spell it out: 'Seb-as--' and he just came out with my full name!

Bright little sod.

But it's OK, I was starting cars at 18 months.