Saturday, January 16, 2010

Scotty's -- a very cool place

There is a really fun indoor playplace here in town where kids can come and play for free. It's run by a church and it is just GREAT for children! It has a giant structure of tubes and various rooms, with some big slides and stuff. There is also an area off to the side for smaller kids to play in little Fisher Price houses.

I thought it was worth mentioning because I have been taking Jack there off and on for a while now and he has FINALLY gotten the hang of it!

By this I mean, he is willing to leave my side and run around with the other kids. This is kind of a huge deal. I've been kept on a 5-foot leash for weeks now, so it was a huge relief to see him running around and only circling back every so often to check in with me with a HUGE grin! Maybe now I can join the other moms who get to sit at the side of the room and knit. :)

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