Saturday, March 27, 2010

Salem trip!

Recently, my friend Chris and I went down to spend the day in Salem. She loves the city, and I have to admit it provided a very nice day out! I've been much more fond of the country and big open, grassy areas recently, but it was nice to see all the city had to offer. Particularly, we found a nice open park area in front of the capitol where the kids were able to play. There was a series of bronze sculptures that the kids got to play on, and Chris took a couple of great pictures!

Here's Jack playing on a drumming aligator:

And all three kids playing on some kind of stilt-walking frog:

I absolutely LOVE that picture! It is the perfect shot of the stages of growing up. :)


Alison said...

That second picture is fantastic. Something you would see in a "photos of the usa"-type collection.

Melissa said...

Chris sure has a knack, huh? I was sitting right next to her and she really did pick the PERFECT moment to take the shot!