Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where'd Mommy Go?

Melissa is apparently finding her hands full with all of her projects and blogging here has fallen by the wayside (as you may have gathered). It is now up to me to post things (probably mostly pictures), so that you can know what is going on here in McMinnville, OR.

Jack has started building things on his own now (see evidence of train tracks and legos below).

Also, for the past few weeks he has been in the nursery at Delphi while Melissa has been working there part-time. When they eat snacks down there, he (though being the youngest) is allowed to sit at the "big-kids" table because he is able to sit in his seat and bus his own tray after snack time. Along this vein, we decided it was time for a booster chair at home instead of a highchair. He loves it.

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Amy said...

Awesome! So cute! I miss my nephew!