Thursday, April 8, 2010

blustery morning

Jack and I just had a great walk around 3rd Street. We visited the Red Fox, a great local bakery, and bought a croissant with chocolate drizzle on top. We snacked on it while walking around. Of course, Jack ate the drizzle and left the rest to me.... little did he know there was a chocolate center too!

Then we walked all the way down to the end of 3rd Street to find the library was closed.... all the way back up with a stop at Cornerstone Coffee to thaw out while admiring their coffee-roasting machine in the back.... stopped to holler about the sheer awesomeness of a big bronze statue of a cougar, had a couple of sips from a water fountain (which had an oval on the side, much to Jack's excitement!) and then it started to rain in earnest so we had to head for the car and come home.

We froze our buns off, but it was totally worth it. What a fun morning! :)

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