Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daffodil Walk!

On Sunday, Jack and I went with Chris, Daphne and Cyprus for a 5k walk in farm country. It was all for the Daffodil Festival over in Amity.

We walked. Then we walked some more. We strolled. We piggybacked. We backwards-walked. We shoulder-carried! We lent the stroller to Daphne for a little while, but I was really impressed that she walked about 4k on her own!

Of course, there was plenty of nature to look at, and even a few farm animals! Jack filled a diaper when we were almost done walking, and (of course) I hadn't brought any diapers or wipes! We made do with some helpful grass and just packed him back into his pants sans diaper. By this time I was giggling.

We made it up the last hill and over to the porti-potty. I was just looking at him wondering "What am I going to do now?" when a spot of wet appeared on his pants. This quickly became a flood that soaked his pants, socks, AND shoes! "Oh my!" I was stricken with belly laughs now!

There was nothing left to do but throw his wet clothes into the stroller and take him, wrapped pretty much only in my jacket, into the daffodil fields! After all, there were flowers to be picked! I plunked Jack next to a big clump of daffodils, since he really didn't like the feel of muddy ground on his feet. He spent the time decapitating daffodils, throwing the heads in a neat ring around where he sat, and sending me into fits of hysterics every time he farted and made me think another accident was impending!

Well, we got a nice big bouquet, and no more accidents after all. A short bus ride back to the car (how could it take five minutes to return us to the beginning of a 4-hour walk?) and we were back in diaper country!

It was all very adventurous, and totally worth it! After all, I got a bouquet of free daffodils out of the bargain! :)

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Alison said...

OH MY! That sounds like a blast! Aren't you so glad you have a blog so you can never forget days like that?