Monday, May 7, 2012

The flock!

There's a stockpile of other pictures on my phone that I want to get up here, but here are my ladies as of today. Yes, we have two new ones. Lady Bird had a tragic accident -- she was smushed under a board. That was my real introduction to farming, I think. Anyway, the kids and I didn't want to just leave our flock depleted, so we got two more. Meet Daisy and Beaker. We've only just gotten them fully integrated with the others this morning!



Attila, Red, Becky, Colleen

Red with the babies

Peep, peep!

The big girls kept leaving the babies in the dust....

Chasing after "mama" (Flour)
By the way, this morning Jack let me know that he didn't name her "Flower," he named her "Flour".  This seems actually very appropriate to our family.  :)

Look, a flock!  I was worried the big girls were going to have a harder time accepting the babies, but they did great.

I love how they all stay in the shadow.

I started by having Daisy and Beaker penned off separately with Flour and Red.  You can see they still want to hang together with the ladies they know.  Yay, friends! :)

Attila in the back, Flour in the front.

Jack really can't resist them.  Especially since the others are so big already!

Becky was the worst pecker when I first tried to introduce them, so I'm really happy that she isn't even attacking them in the hen house now!

And here's where the girls go to bed.  You can barely see Daisy's bum right down near Becky.  :)

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