Monday, May 21, 2012

just another afternoon :P

So I'm standing in the kitchen working on dinner when Jack comes in from the playroom.

"Mom, can I have some juice?"

"Sure, honey," I reply, and turn from the stove to help him out. 

And that's when I see it -- his eyes are locking on to a sippy cup on the counter next to the sink.  "No, Jack, don't!"

But it's too late.  For the third time this week, he has seized a sippy of rancid milk and taken a nice, big swig.

Why does he keep doing this????  And now he's standing there, spitting furiously with the most hilarious, disgusted, angry-at-the-sippy-betrayal face on as chunky milk spit cascades down his front.

"Jack!" I squeak, trying my very best not to laugh, "WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THAT????"

(spit, spit, cough, dribble, spit)  "I DON'T KNOW!!!!" 

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Alison said...

Oh my god. Too funny. Rebecca does that ALL the time too, and she doesn't even like milk!