Monday, April 14, 2008

first day's work

....for Med Legal, that is.

Okay, so technically I'm still doing training until I finish my first test case for this new editing job, but I have spent about 5 hours editing the files tonight and am feeling pretty happy about having flexed my writing muscles once again. :)

Tomorrow I have to finish the editing (I'm down to having some editing points to check in the morning when I am less tired) and then I have to get all the files emailed over to the senior editor by 4:00 PM. Then she gets to decide whether she still likes me. I hope she does!! :P


SAWNEY said...

That's totally awesome dude!

kelsey said...

Ok, this job sounds amazing!! I want more details! How much time is required? Is the pay good? (I know. I'm totally rude! Please don't answer if you don't want to. :) ) Hrm, perhaps I need to look for a similiar, Southern-variety of this position..... :)