Friday, April 11, 2008

simmer down, baby :)

Apparently Behbeh is at the 90th percentile for size. Yes, that's a whopping 8 ounces!! I had to get specially called and informed of this fact by the doctor's office. Geez.

EDIT: I've had some time to mull this over a bit more. The nurse wanted to know whether I am eating a lot of carbs or sugar, or perhaps exclusively drinking fruit juice. Especially since my weight gain was "somewhat more than expected" at the last visit (3 lbs more for the month than they "guesstimated" at one of our starting visits). Geez, 3 extra pounds. I was told I was slightly underweight at the beginning and that weight gain was not going to be an issue.

I was thinking, why is this a problem that my baby seems somewhat big at only 4 months along? As my friend Chris pointed out, a mis-measurement of only one centimeter changes it from the 90th to the 10th percentile, so the baby might not even BE big. However, we know that the baby was very active and wiggly during the ultrasound--is there a problem with having a nice strong, healthy baby?

You can probably tell that I'm feeling a bit persecuted. I happen to NOT be eating a ton of carbs or sugar. I have been distinctly repelled by starches for about three weeks, so I'm pretty much living on protein and fresh veggies. AND both my sisters AND my mom had big babies, so picky, worrying nurses can go SIT ON A TACK.


Diana said...

You tell them girl!!!!!!

(Also tell them that you, yourself, were a whopping 9 pounds upon arrival and I did NOT have diabetes - so there!)

kelsey said...

Hahaha!!! Get 'em!! I'm glad to hear both you and the bebey are getting big and healthy!!!

Oh, and PS - you were 9 lbs! WTF! Did you have to make up for it by being a smallish (slender? slim? fucking skinny?) adult? haha!