Thursday, April 10, 2008

our beach!

We went to the beach!

"Look, the ocean!" Alex helpfully says. (I find it funny that he's wearing a Pacific t-shirt.)

You can see that there are about a million rocks to throw into the ocean. Alex revealed that he can skip stones like nobody's business. One of them even skipped about twelve times, surfing all the way over a wave before sinking!

We found a plank, so Alex said I had to walk it. No excuses, he said.

We also drove along and found about a million little shops and restaurants along the coast, but I forgot to take pictures of any of those. Oh well--we'll be going back throughout the summer!


SAWNEY said...

Damn those waves are small compared to what I'm used to. Looks like a fun trip, that's one thing I miss about being near the coast. At least now I have big mountains and a beautiful lake very close by.

Alex said...

The handy thing is that this "trip" can be approximated to a trip to the IGA from Delphi, yea, it is pretty close.

kelsey said...

Looks like fun!!! I'm jealous. Closest we get to that is the lake.... :(