Friday, June 20, 2008

a sign of things to come?

Last night I was laying down with a pillow under my belly and tipped slightly forward in the process of getting comfortable. I was soooo comfortable and totally ready to fall asleep when I got this persistent little nudging (elbow? foot?) where my belly was hitting the pillow and bed. It just kept on nudging.... until I rolled backward a bit and made it so there was absolutely no belly-squashing. Then we were okay and could all go to bed.

I thought it was cute, right? :) BUT it seems to now be a determined trend. Any time something gives slight pressure into the belly, it gets a gentle but determined nudging until it goes away. Alex thought I was exaggerating so he just rested his hand there for a minute.... sure enough, he was told that was not okay. *bump, bump, bump* It's really pretty polite, just doesn't stop until the problem is taken care of.

My goodness, I can admire persistence, but I hope this determination is not entirely going to be a trend! I am not sure how to explain that it's only going to get more cramped from here on out!

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kelsey said...

This reminded me of a silly question I had. Are you reading/listening to music with the baby? Like reading out loud? I've always heard that was good, but wondered if the mother feels the baby react! (Sorry to make you my guinea pig :)