Monday, June 16, 2008

tummy, as promised

Here I am at 27 weeks on the nose. You'll notice that the gravitational pull of The Belly is causing the door in front of me to tilt off-kilter. Just wait until we tack on another month!

The Critter is big enough now that when I get a kick on one side, I usually get a corresponding ricochet-bonk on the other side.... Must be baby finding out there are actually walls in this increasingly snug/snuggly home!

My last doctor's appointment went totally fine, sort of. I am measuring at the right size and have a good weight and everything. I have had a few little things pop up, like the fact that I get puffy as a direct index to how humid it is, but it's all perfectly normal and manageable.

The odd part of the appointment was the blood test results afterward. I am low on iron (no shock there, considering that's a lifelong trend for me) so I am taking iron supplements now, but also I was just barely too high on my gestational diabetes test, which means I have to go back for Round Two of testing tomorrow. I will definitely post the results when I have them.


Sawney said...

Looking good Melissa hope everything turns oot alright.

Amy said...

Hello there little nephew/niece!