Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Alex's New Tech Blog

I did finally decide to create a blog for my technical explorations. Basically, I wanted to have it as a record of what I've done when I want to refer back to it. While few of you will actually be interested about the highly technical aspects of a project I'm working on, many of you would probably like to have some avenue where you can pose questions at me and get free answers/advice on tech subjects. Obviously, I'll discriminate regarding which questions to post and subsequently answer, however, I like to put useful information "down" into a computer so that it can be filed and found later if needed. I'm nerdy that way.

Here's the link: My Tech Blog


Markita said...

no link; brownhouse is down.

Alex said...

Ah, well, unless you're blocking out-bound communication on port 81, you can visit it.

This means just about everyone can visit that link except my family in MO and those at Delphi in OR.

I know because others are able to use other services on that server with no problems.