Wednesday, July 9, 2008

baby classes

One of the services our doctor's office offers is a bunch of free classes on pretty much every aspect of prenatal care, birth, and newborn babies. Tonight we went to two classes: one on newborns and one on epidurals and C-sections and the various medication options that come with the various birth options.

Let me tell you, I don't think you could ever create a more compelling argument for natural birth, personally tailored for me, than the epidural/C-section class! They showed pictures of the needles involved, a real c-section, and all sorts of stuff. It was definitely very informative.... and since I'm MORTIFIED of anything to do with needles, took a large number of options off the table in my book.

The good news is that there are milder, much less obtrusive ways to still get some pain relief if it's needed. The guy doing the presentation even made a point to mention that breathing and relaxation techniques totally do the trick for some women, so he advised us all to learn about those and not neglect them!


Alison said...

Just FYI though, if something comes up where you CAN'T avoid the whole c-section scenario, some hospitals (Emerson!) are Very Adept at keeping needles, blood, instruments, and anything else involved in the entire process mysteriously invisible!

kelsey said...

Interesting! Hey, keep posting class stuff!! I'm likin' it! :)