Tuesday, January 3, 2012

warm day in the yard

While Jack was at school this morning, Evie and I spent some time in the garden!  It's a nice, 50+ degree morning here so I was digging up irises and day lilies to divide and share with others.  Evie was finding plenty to do on her first real garden excursion since she's gotten her legs under her!

I found a Thing!

I know where this goes....

Okay, I want it back now!

Coming to get more Things.

Found a good one!  Now I just need to pick it up....

Snagged it!

Aaaand tripped as soon as she stood up.  :P

Now where did I drop that Thing?

Even after she got her sweater soaked by playing in a water-filled pot, she didn't want to go inside.  "How about some football instead, mom?"  :)
Oh yes, and I managed to dig up a good clump of overgrown yellow irises and day lilies.  Hooray!

1 comment:

Markita said...

Evie is such a cutie! And it looks like she was really concentrating on making sure the "things" got into the firepit.