Monday, June 15, 2009

cantankerous old bastard

Pilling Bo, day.... 5? I don't even know. This is hell. Hell!

I broke open the pill and mixed the medicine into his squishy food, just like the vet said. He took two bites and then declined to eat it. I wrapped him in a towel tighter than a trussed turkey and crammed the pill gun all the way down his throat, just like the vet said. He somehow flipped it into his teeth and bit it, so I had to let him gak it out. I re-trussed him and re-crammed (pill #3 now) and held his mouth shut as I watched 8 minutes tick by on the clock. Finally the stalemate was broken when Jack woke up and I had to go put Jack back to bed. Upon Bo's release, he coughed up a large quantity of perfectly dry, finely powdered spray all over the floor, before running all over the house coughing and spraying medicated foamy drool like some kind of crazy rabid mini-panther.

I got Jack back to sleep and am eyeing the cat now, wondering about things:
How many pills do you let your cat eat before he's taken an overdose?
Is it possible to overdose on urethral relaxant?
Dare I try another pill and possibly suffer him peeing all over the house in the night?
Dare I NOT pill him again and possibly need to board him at the vet hospital AGAIN for round 3 of fluids and meds?
Is there any chance the vet won't hate me for bringing this nonsense in again tomorrow morning? (I feel like I've been there every day this week.)
And speaking of being there every day, how am I supposed to cart a baby and a cat to the vet twice a day all week, all by myself?
Why, why, WHY does my life have to include these questions?


Alison said...

Cause Bo's your cat. :P
P.S. Love the "bastard" tag.

Melissa said...

I felt I was obligated to add it. :)

Sebastian said...

The answers to such deep and meaningful philosophical questions -- and more!! -- will only come to you later in life, while you rock back and forth on the veranda of your little house on the prairie.

Melissa said...

Seb, maybe I should send you those questions for one of your special Q&A days! Though I can't imagine Mr. Apron would be kind....

Sebastian said...

I'm still not decided on whether he will get a repeat visit.

Also, just ask for him to not be involved, and I'll call him to heel for that particular question :)

Melissa said...

My problem with Apron-types is that they are rarely witty. Anybody can be MEAN. Come on, now! It has to be clever and possibly coincidentally mean to get my vote.

Sebastian said...

Yeah, a few people have said the same to me in the last few days actually!

The original plan was for him to have a separate page where he would take an oppositional stand to one of my entries -- in an intelligent way, of course.

But we didn't do that in the end, as you can see...!

It's OK, this week I'll be doing it without him, so feel free to submit a question...!

Melissa said...

Okay! In rather obvious fashion for an "anonymous" question, I have jumped right in! :)

Sebastian said...

You missed the cut-off for this week, alas!

But better to have ummed and ahhed and finally submitted a question than to never have... submitted at all...