Wednesday, June 10, 2009

new housekeeping strategy

I have been feeling a bit like a hampster in a wheel with my housekeeping tasks, and there have been a bunch of improvements that I want to do (like organize closets, get rid of books we don't actually want at all, etc.) but have not been able to get to. No more! My new strategy is to alternate one regular upkeep job with one improvement job.
a) sweep the bedroom
b) cull my shoe collection
a) load the dishwasher
b) sew a plastic-bag-holder so I can stash my ungodly pile of bags (though I also plan on sewing reusable grocery bags, so it may become obsolete quickly)

It's working very well so far! Alex gave me a big boost of help/inspiration by reorganizing the living room while I was away. WHAT a nice change!


Diana said...

This plan is the ONLY one that actually works for the long haul. It is fine to drop everything for a huge short project (such as rebuilding the front stairs) but getting lots of small projects done takes strategy. Either you do the regular work and never get past it or you do the small projects until your house - and possibly family - rise up in rebellion from the neglect.

Melissa said...

You know, it's going pretty darn well! But I'm finding that "sew a plastic bag holder" (30 min) is followed by "fix the kitchen!!!" (3 hours).... There has to be a better way!