Saturday, June 13, 2009

Melissa: Master of Unrealized Wit

Melissa has an excellent ability to create the most amazing puns fairly regularly. "Who cares?" right? Well, she doesn't realize that she's crafted such a witty response most of the time. In fact, the best ones do seem to fall into this category. I've been waiting for a good example of this to post, and lo did one appear this morning.

A: It is one foot give or take a couple of millimeters. Heh, I'll bet there are people spinning in their graves over that.
M: Yea, that's how I like to roll.
A: That's a nice pun.
M: *wtf are you smoking stare*

ETA: This was written by Alex. :P


Alison said...

Um...yeah. That pun took me a minute to figure out. Maybe you're just a super-pun-hunter.

Melissa said...

I think you're right! Alex is really the pun-master here.