Sunday, December 27, 2009

bedroom for Jack

Jack's big present this year was his very own bedroom. When we originally got this apartment, the second bedroom was going to be an office for Alex. However, Alex found a really exciting office job and didn't need to work from home anymore. We decided it would be perfect to reduce the office down a lot, put it in a corner of our (huge) living room, and make the office into a bedroom for Jack.

Lucky for Jack, he was right in on all the action as I built a bookshelf and bed for him. The bed was much more of an involved process, so I didn't get any pictures of him helping with that, but this is a series of him helping to build the bookshelf. This really showcases his observation and mimicry skills, since he was watching me use the tools and then copying what I did very closely and carefully.

Here he is coming along after me, tightening screws.

So excited to be helping!

Tightening more screws -- aka screwdriver-ing the holes where the shelf support pegs would end up.

You have to make sure the tip of the screwdriver is in there nice and tight so it doesn't fall out while you are working!

There was also this other tool, a kind of curvy allen wrench, that was for tightening up certain bolts. He thought that was also very exciting.

Here it is at work:

When it was done we loaded it up with toys. This looks a bit odd, but is Jack backing up to sit on the pumpkin. (He loves sitting on balls and round things.)

Choosing a toy from his inventory:

And settling in for some serious play time. :)

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