Friday, December 18, 2009

soda bread!

We have done quite a bit in the kitchen recently. Jack loves helping! He takes careful notes and then tries to do exactly whatever I did. :) Here we were making soda bread.

Oh, a camera! Better put on Camera Face!

After I cut the dough into two loaves, he had to cut it too.

He actually had figured it out pretty well. He would have cut the loaf in half again if I had let him work on it long enough!

Were you wondering why there was a reindeer helping us cook? Yeah, that was to distract him when he got over-exuberant about helping!

Lest you think it's not possible to cook with a one year old, take a look at these loaves all ready to bake. Ta-daa!


Sebastian said...

Definitely cuter in the other photo without the Camera Face.

How ginger is he going to be? :P

Melissa said...

Yeah, I don't know where camera face came from, but we made the mistake of laughing at it, so now we're stuck with it!

And I have no idea what color his hair is going to be now. So far he's still favoring his blond uncle in the looks department, but kids are notorious for changing hair color as they grow....