Friday, December 18, 2009

Where have those Bowlings gotten to, anyway?

Well, November was a busy, busy month. Alex has been hard at work, of course, and I wrote two books!

I was hired to write a non-fiction book, which I completed. I also did NaNoWriMo and won! However, that just means I wrote 50,000 words on the project. It still has a ways to go before it is done though -- maybe 75,000 more words for the first draft to be complete!

As soon as November and the books were over, I started madly trying to catch up with everything I had been ignoring for the month. Laundry, vacuuming, dishes, scrubbing everything that I'd been ignoring all month.... We also took a trip down to Tennessee for Alex's grandpa Jack's funeral. (More on that later, in a separate post.) And then it was time to start in on the parade of Christmas cookies and shopping for presents.

Sheesh! It's a wonder I'm here only 2 1/2 weeks into December! Anyway, I have a ton of pictures that I was at least able to take during November, so I will be trying to get them all posted and caught up by January.

For now, it is time to put Jack to bed. But I'll be back!


Sebastian said...

125,000 words? Wow, a SERIOUS novel, not merely a novella!

Does NaNoWriMo keep track of what happens to the completed books? Do they ever get picked up by publishers?

Or is it just, like... on the premise that writing a book is good for you?

Melissa said...

Yeah, I'm what's known as a For-Real aspiring novelist. :D We're a rare breed. But I'm looking to actually get this one publishable!

NaNo does keep track, and somewhere between 10 and 30 NaNo books have been published so far. Obviously, with lots of editing. That is the count for REAL publishing, not self published or vanity press type stuff.

Not too bad for an event that's been running for 10 years, and is all about silly, bad, amateur writing!

But mostly you're right on the nose -- it is just good for you to do something so silly and fun every so often. :)