Monday, December 28, 2009

train set!!

Let me start by explaining that Alex and I are really not impulse shoppers. Alex earns the money and I make sure everything gets where it needs to go, and it is all very sensible and well-thought-out.


And then we were at Target to pick up a few things, and we saw this awesome train set. It is nearly all wooden. It has a drawbridge, an airplane, a helicopter, police and fire stations, and a whole lot more. It was very exciting for us. We had planned on Jack's new bedroom being his big present for Christmas, but we had to throw this one in too!

He dove right in to start driving trains around the track!

A bit more of a babyzilla view.... a sign of things to come!

I'm not sure what he's holding here, but it might be the roof of the airplane.

...and here goes the gas station, being carefully dismantled. This is why I like wooden toys. You can take them apart a million times in a row with very little danger of them actually getting broken.

So far the winner of the whole set is the helicopter. He loves flicking the propeller at the top.

Ah, yes. I did mention Babyzilla, didn't I? :)

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