Friday, November 19, 2010

12/365: Chinese Food

I've lost the camera again. I have no doubt it will turn up, eventually.... This is the kind of thing I was talking about with yesterday's post. Instead of finding my camera, which I actually want to use throughout the day, I'm writing for my NaNo word count. Argh!

Well, in the meantime, more text. We went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant with really yummy and well-prepared food. Jack is practicing his restaurant manners, which right now consist of the following:

1) We sit on our bums or knees in the booth. We do not stand up and peer (or shout) at other diners.
2) We don't climb around under the table.
3) No, seriously, put your wiggly little butt back down on the bench!

He actually was sitting rather than climbing for at least 50% of the time, which I consider a victory at this point. :)

This restaurant also wins points for having the best crab puffs we've tasted since leaving New Hampshire (where we had the world's BEST right next door..... we're still sad about moving away from those!)

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