Tuesday, November 16, 2010

9/365: The Countdown

Alex and I recently realized that we could have a new baby as soon as three weeks from now! Holy smokes. I feel like there must be a million things we're supposed to be doing, but darned if I could tell you what they are!

On top of any baby-related work still to do, I feel like the holidays are suddenly barrelling down on us and before we know it, it will be the new year! I'm supposed to be baking a turkey for Thanksgiving this year, too. That's something I've never done before!

...and we are still having a heck of a time choosing baby names. I tell you what, one way or another this is going to be an exciting month and a half ahead of us!


Diana said...

Blanket is almost done! Just need to do the last few rows and add the border. Little girl needs her blanket so Nonnie needs to put on the speed. I can't wait to see both of the little ones in January.

Melissa said...

Yay!! I can't wait. :)