Monday, November 15, 2010

8/365: Swimming

We've started going on family swimming trips in the evening. The family pool at the Aquatic Center is a very friendly 5 feet deep at its deepest point, and we've found out it's tons of fun to bring all three of us there at once. (As opposed to mildly frazzling at best when it's one parent and one toddler!)

With two parents there, we managed to finally convince Jack that it's okay to wear a floatie, and two visits later he is swimming on his own! He can now float and kick on his own and go eeeeever so slowly from one parent to the other. :)


Sebastian said...

Is the very-pregnantness good for buoyancy? (And also, do you need a special bathing suit?)

I was a HUGE fan of swimming up until the age of 13 or so. My grandmother paid for me to have lessons with a swimming teacher and everything!

And then computers happened.

Melissa said...

Here's the weird thing.... Pregnancy is good for BELLY buoyancy. The rest of me is about the same. Makes for a very odd sensation upon submerging!

Technically they do make maternity bathing suits, but they don't really come in my size of small frame/LARGE belly so I just wear an enormous shirt and some shorts. Our pool is understanding. :)

We'll see if Jack still likes to swim when he gets old enough to really participate in his daddy's computer life. I hope so!