Friday, November 12, 2010

5/365: Trains!

Jack LOVES trains. These are a few pictures we've collected that prove the point:

Here's the beginning of a train ride at the zoo:

The thing about trains, is they're EXCITING. And that means they're tiring.... We quickly progress to the "snuggle and look at scenery" phase.

And before you know it, the train-nap has struck again. :D

Once, before Jack fell asleep, he was allowed to go in the actual engine part while the driver took a break. Here's him almost releasing the brake:

And examining the fire box (I think). Notice how he really is in the train all by himself. He could have driven the thing away, if he had been lucky enough to find the right combination of levers!

According to his current plans, when he grows up he is going to drive trains and tractors. I believe it, too! :)


Anonymous said...

And, I know those pictures are old, but a very nice combination. Like the Irish rugby shirt ;-)

Diana said...

He and Caiden can go into partnership. Caiden is busily engaged in trying to unscrew the top of the physical universe so he can get a look inside to see what makes it run. I think he will succeed too. Jack looks like he is likewise determined. Can't wait to see him!

Melissa said...

@Markita: It's funny because those pictures are from two different days, but he had the same shirt!

@Mom: We're excited for your visit too! ....Also, heaven help us if these little boys are ever in the same place for too long. :)