Thursday, August 14, 2008

another thing on daddy class

Alex mentioned this to me in person and then forgot to write it down: :P

Apparently something that the dads covered is that new mommies can be VERY territorial about not wanting to share the care of the baby. This was a REALLY common experience among the attending daddies. For instance, it's apparently pretty common for the mom to not feel like she can leave the baby unsupervised with the dad.... some kind of idea about him being "just a man" so he'll break the baby?

I thought it was really interesting that this would be an issue. I guess I was surprised because I wouldn't have thought of having kids if I didn't think Alex was going to have a big share in taking care of them!

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2littlebeans said...

I was completely surprised when this happened to me, not so much with my husband, but definitely with anyone else, including my in-laws.

I think it was because my world shrank so quickly to be JUST about my daughter. So my life changed completely, and I really struggled with nursing--when I got into the groove of it all, she was still the center of my entire life (they both are now, but in a healthier way), so when I had to be without her for a few hours, or go somewhere without her, it was a BIG deal.

As much as she tired me out, I didn't want to be without her, ever. When my son was born she was 18 months old. I was in the hospital a few days prior to his birth, and for a few days afterward. At first, each time my husband came to visit I'd start crying... I missed him, but that wasn't the reason I was crying--it was because I missed my daughter.

There's definitely an incredible bond created between a mother and child.