Wednesday, August 27, 2008

we have a library!

I figured that since I am very friendly to the idea of taking baby walks (especially since some tiny folks don't seem to be able to take their naps without going for walks sometimes!) I'd better see if there is a library near us for a walk destination. There IS!

It is pretty darn cool for a small-town library, and includes two rooms off to the side where Alex and/or I can sit unobtrusively with a baby. If they don't have books that we want, they are part of a borrowing-books system, so they can get them from another library.

We went and got library cards today, and to start with, Alex got a book by Dan Simmons (one of his favorite authors) and I got a big fat book AND an awesome CD and book kit for learning Italian. I am planning on listening to the CDs while I take many walks on my maternity leave, and reading this giant book when I'm too tired/lazy to take walks. :)

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