Wednesday, August 20, 2008

3 1/2 weeks to go?

Or 1/2 week.... or 5 weeks... or 2... Argh! If only someone could invent a way to know when a baby would be ready, they would be very rich.

We have all our baby shower things settled in now. Critter is very well-stocked, with clothes, bassinet, diapers, stroller, car seat, toys, all sorts of bath goodies.... and we have a small mountain of very snuggly, soft blankets! Add to that the fact that we have a few gift certificates for remaining items (like baby wipes) and I think we're all set.... Alison and I are going out on an expedition tomorrow to make use of the gift cards. :)

I have 1 1/2 weeks left at Starbucks before my maternity leave kicks in, and I am down to 4 1/2 hour shifts (which I think is the absolute minimum length that we schedule!). You'd think that the shorter time span would make it easier (or at least the same as the longer shifts during earlier pregnancy), but I am still ready for a nap after each one! At this point I am pretty excited to start maternity leave.

We are doing a little bit each day to get the apartment ready for B-Day and I think we just might have it ready if Critter doesn't decide to come too early. This Saturday is when the baby becomes "full-term" so in my book, all bets are off after that. I am planning on just sticking close to home and trying not to wear myself out! This nesting thing is not for sissies--I am fairly constantly torn between the desire to prepare something and the desire to lay down for half an hour.... :P So far, preparation is mostly winning, though I have to admit I took two naps today! I consider them perfectly deserved (my belly is HEAVY!), so I'm not having any conscience issues. ;)

Alex is still taking me for almost-daily beach walks (barring thunderstorms or exhaustion), and that has been really nice because we can get a LOT of space to look at, fresh air, nice cool water on our feet... all without me having to overdo it by walking for miles or something silly like that!

I think that covers everything for now.... The bassinet is the last major baby item that we don't actually have in the house, and that's because it's being shipped right now. Once we do have it I will go around and make a photo-tour of Critter's new digs and goodies. :)


Christibale said...

Please, please, please please tell me that the diapers you have are cloth diapers.

Also, what are you doing buying disposable baby wipes??????

Have I taught you nothing? :)

Alex said...

Why would we have cloth diapers? I thought you were making them. :P