Tuesday, April 7, 2009

another "growing up" post

It seems like every time we turn around, Jack is jumping to another big or small milestone, but this time he's really knocking our socks off. He seems to have grown up three months in two weeks!

This happened right after his six-month checkup. (Also after his four-month checkup.... Maybe there's something magical about Dr. Loh's hugs?) Suddenly he has four teeth and eats cheerios and biter biscuits. He sits IN the shopping cart like a champ, not in his bucket ON the cart like some baby. He hardly holds on to it at all. He sits up in the tub all by himself (with guards, obviously, but he doesn't use them!) He has just about nailed furniture walking. He has figured out that when you throw a toy over an edge, it GOES somewhere! He has the army crawl (elbows and belly) down like it's nothing and is hard at work on getting up to his hands and knees....

Who is this grown up little boy? Everyone tells us that parenting gets better and better as you go, and we can only dumbly reply, "We know!" What on earth could be coming next??

Next month, I predict he will be walking, talking and singing the alphabet. :)

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Amy said...

Go, Jack, go!!!