Wednesday, April 22, 2009

no rest for the wicked

I have about a million projects right now:

1) I am making a small braided shoe-mat rug for Alison. My first one, so it has taken kind of a while to get not-so-much done.
2) A bigger (4' by 5') braided rug for Amy. (She is re-arranging all her stuff and has a blank spot that could really use a rug.)
3) All my floors are in DIRE need of mopping. There is nothing like an army-crawling baby to show you just how dirty your floors really are. No matter how many times I sweep, it just doesn't get the job done!
4) I am working on collecting up all our household crap for a series of yard sales, starting two Saturdays from now.
5) I have a chicken I'm supposedly roasting this week. How exactly is that done?
6) The never ending march of dirty-clean-dirty dishes continues.
7) I would really like to make skirts out of the pile of fabrics I have stocked up. I even have a book of easy patterns from the library!
8) The bathroom needs a mega-scrub. Or is that just my spring cleaning madness speaking?
9) I have to sort out the too-small baby clothes and get them packed up properly for storage.
10) Some time tomorrow I need to re-stock our toilet paper supply. How do these mundane things sneak up on me every time?
11) I need to re-babyproof everything for Jack, who has now figured out how to pull himself into a stand on any furniture available, and then pull everything down from his new vantage point.

Okay, so that's what's coming up just off the top of my head. 11 really isn't the same as a million, but there just never seems to be enough time!

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Markita said...

Welcome to the land of the women who need two extra arms and 14 more hours a day!
Love, Markita